Bottled sunshine

January 13, 2012   Tags: light, glass, eco-innovations, led

Consol glass has come up with an ingenious way to bottle sunlight. The Consol Solar Jar is an alternative light supply that makes use of solar panels and LED lights.

The sustainable and super-cute glass lamp stores energy during the day and releases light when the sun goes down. Once charged, the light lasts up to six hours before the panels need to be replenished by the sun.

The lid clasp acts as a switch that controls the power supply, so not a ray of energy is wasted.

The Consol Solar Jar is perfect for outdoor lighting and camping and is sure to come in handy when Eskom begins its proposed load shedding.

They sell for R120 each and are available at Consol retail outlets in Woodmead (Joburg) and Stellenbosch.

More information: www.consol.co.za


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On January 26, 2015, Melanie wrote:

Hi Lydia Thanks for your interest in our product and your comment on VISI regarding the Consol Solar Jar. We would just like to clarify that we are not claiming to have come up with the idea of solar energy or solar powered jar lights. So you are correct - the concept of a Solar Jar is not new, nor is harnessing the use of solar power to create the energy that lights it up. But the concept of using the celebrated and iconic Consol Preserve Jar as the vessel that holds a solar panel and LED lights to create a Solar Jar is our own development, as is the particular type of mechanism on the lid that switches on the light. We are most proud of our product and the way it is helping light up communities in South Africa that previously have not enjoyed a reliable lighting source. Further to this, we have several new design innovations in development and this product pipeline is rich with line extensions which we are bringing to market in the months ahead. So keep a look out for our announcements – which are coming soon. I hope this helps clarify our position on the authenticity of the Consol Solar Jar. Should you wish to discuss this further please send us your contact details so that we can extend this conversation. Dale Carolin Consol Marketing Director

On December 27, 2014, Peter wrote:

This is not an original SA design (I wish it was) only the mechanical switch part is invented in SA. Please give credit to the designer of the original light jar. This was designed by Tobias Wong back in 2006!!!! look at the ORIGINAL design at http://www.suck.uk.com/products/sunjar/

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