Malée body products

February 3, 2011   Tags: products

WORDS: Alma Viviers

The VISI team can't get enough of the Malée range of body and home products.

Zeze Oriaikhi, the creator of Malée Natural Science, discusses merging her love for lotions and potions with business and design skills to create a 100% African blend.

What sets your products apart?

A no-frills approach and 100% natural active ingredients with scents that evoke the African landscape.

The role of packaging?

It's a combination of my vision and Breinstorm Brand Architects' know-how. Transparency was important – I want people to see what they are getting. As an ethically focused brand, all packaging is recyclable or biodegradable.

The significance of the circular logo?

During my trips to Ghana, I really connected with their use of symbols. The circular one refers to African earth wisdom. It is the Adinkrahene primary symbol of the Adinkra, which are used to tell stories and describe history.

Your commitment to community development?

We support suppliers committed to creating jobs. For example, our natural cotton bags, which are reusable, washable and biodegradable, are made by a community-led project that employs men and women in Joburg's Cosmo City township, contributing to skills development.



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