A proliferation of profiteroles

April 7, 2011   Tags: food, blog

by VISI BLOGGER Susan Perry

I have one word for you. Patisserie. And to those of you who say ‘Bless you!’ and whip out your packet of Kleenex with the offer of a crisp white square, I ask: “Where have you been for the last year?”

Macaroons are no longer humble. Cassis is the new black. Patisseries have become all the rage. I’ve personally been to five different ones in the last two months. And I know of two more that I haven’t been able to visit. Yet.

Patisseries have supplanted the humble coffee shop, tempting us with their shiny counters, clean glass-fronted cabinets, swirly handwritten labels and stacks of pristine white boxes of varying sizes. And that’s before we’ve even talked about the tantalising smells and colours of the artistry and magic that they produce, thinly disguised as cakes. Even the names given to the individual miniature bundles of sugared beauties sound like Nat King Cole is crooning gently in your ear: Daquise, Emeraude, Doucier Noisette, Narcisse.

From whence came this meteoric rise of the éclair, the financier biscuit and the Viennese pastry? I blame the recession. Yes, really. I do.

In these financially straitened times, we all have to look to our luxury spending. No more shopping sprees on clothes or shoes. No unbelievably expensive designer bubble bath or an unnecessary splurge on a spa. No ma’am. Why should you want to, when you can go into a beautiful shopping environment, get superb service and come out carrying a gorgeous box, tied up with ribbon, feeling utterly spoilt and quite, quite naughty, having spent just R25? I knew that would get you thinking.

I go to patisseries when I’m feeling like celebrating. I go when I’m feeling a bit low and need a treat. Or I go on a Saturday morning to buy some delicious croissants, and I might just happen to pop a coffee éclair into the order while I’m at it.

Then, with spoil in hand, I can be spotted heading for the car park where, I’m ashamed to say, I don’t even make it home before I open up. I can usually be seen slid halfway below the edge of the window in the hope of not being spotted by anyone I know, licking the fondant icing. At my age, it’s possibly the most fun you could ever have for R25. 

About Susan:

Owner of The Modern Garden Company and The Modern Home Company, Susan Perry loves good design, beautiful buildings, and stealing sweets from her 8 year old daughter’s party packs. With background studies in Drama and 3D and Spatial Design, Susan’s aim is to create layered yet cohesive offerings for environments in which people can live with maximum comfort and flair, but minimum effort. www.moderngarden.co.za, www.takeaseat.co.za


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