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June 15, 2011   Tags: fashion, market, vintage

by VISI BLOGGER Nadine Arendse

Dare to go where conformists are ill at ease, where Trinny and Susannah’s dress rules are scoffed at, and where fearless style combinations are applauded: the You Me & Everyone We Know Market.

At the Night Market, which occurred every last Friday of the month at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town until the end of May, I had the chance to observe co-owner Adel Snyders purchase a vintage knit cardigan from one of her loyal traders, Sonnet of GORILLA is My Friend.

 Adel displays a unique take on putting a wardrobe together. This is the second time I’ve seen her deftly layer vintage with sneakers – this time a pair of Nike high-tops. “While working with the Shelflife brand, I became fascinated with and grew a love for sneakers, which I mix with the rest of my wardrobe,” she tells me. “I enjoy combining different styles of dressing, and wearing a look that’s not really conventional fashion.”

Adel describes vintage attire as “something old that strongly represents something memorable or epic”. The fewer the rules, she says, the more interesting!

I now learn that her flattering cropped blonde hair is styled by Gunther Theiss from Boy Girl Hair Salon. She lists the top five classic wardrobe pieces with which she won’t part: “My black leather biker jacket, my black classic wool coat, my white classic men’s tuxedo shirt, my black harem pants and my black American apparel bodycon dress.”

Now she becomes nostalgic, recalling her youth: “I accumulated clothes I either made or bought second-hand. My wardrobe has always been a melting pot of fabric and styles of both genders, but these day I try to simplify.” During her teens, Adel was also enthralled with dressing Gothic: long black dresses accessorised with Dr Martens 14-Up Boots.

She makes no excuses for her ever-transitory personal style: “Many people get confused and they try to categorise what I’m wearing to a specific fad, movement or what’s hype. It’s quite interesting: some people think because you change your style of dress, you’re a different person…”

She considers fit, quality and value for money when purchasing vintage garments, and regularly visits Milnerton Market for its treasures, Green Market Square for its liveliness and The Old Biscuit Mill for the portion of delicacies.

In terms of their own market, Adel and co-founder Marccii Goosen are of one mind: “Our view on the market venture has always been fluid. We move with the streets and with its culture.”

I personally can’t wait to welcome summer 2011/2012, when the market will once again trade every alternate Saturday.

More information: www.youmeandeveryoneweknow.co.za

About Nadine:

Nadine studied fashion design and feature writing, and has spent most of her career thus far in the retail sector. She notes that she has “a classic personality, with a fair side of quirkiness”. She loves designing, styling and doing all things creative. Her aspirations are to be a fashion editor while continuing to be a driving force behind the fashion label Mi, based in the Cape Quarter. Nadine also showcases her own fashion label, called Rendition, at the You, Me and Everyone We Know market, which regularly takes place at the Labia On Orange theatre in Cape Town.

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