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SAIA Winners Announced
The winners of the 2013/2014 Corobrik-South African Institure of Architects (SAIA) Awards have finally been announced.


Park life
“The greenest building is the one already built,” first stated by US architect Carl Elefante, has become a slogan of contemporary urbanism, as we retrofit our cities for our 21st-century needs.

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Green solutions rise from the ruins
That the Hopewell Conservation Estate, a nature reserve on the edge 
of Port Elizabeth, is home to an elegant eco-friendly, award-winning building, should be a clue to its ground-breaking vision.

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At home with the Fagans
The Fagans are as much an institution in South African architectural circles as the buildings Gawie has designed in the course of his 70-year career. With no sign of stopping yet, the couple concedes that they’ll consider retirement when they reach 100.


Design is for everyone
Housing in rapidly growing cities remains one of the battlegrounds of our time, not just in South Africa but also across the developing world. We investigate four innovative African solutions.

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Joburg through an honest lens
Calvin Copeling’s exhibition 'A Look Through The Lens' takes an Instagram journey through Johannesburg to unearth the city’s frequently overlooked historic buildings.


International Union of Architects
The 25th International Union of Architects (UIA) world congress is coming to Durban from 3 to 7 August 2014. It is a major gathering of architects that happens every three years in a different city – and this will be its first time in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Plant a container, plant a SEED
Joburg-based Architects of Justice, the designers responsible for reinventing the school library, have been chosen to show their work at the prestigious Young Architects in Africa exhibition at the Venice Biennale.

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