Create an outdoor room

We picked up these tips on how to make the most of an outdoor space from Peter Falke Wines’ Danièle Görtz.


Differentiating an outdoor room from the surrounding area can easily be achieved with a surface treatment. Concrete pavers are inexpensive and create the same effect as a rug or carpet by tying everything together.

Create a ceiling

This is another good way to define the space and doesn’t have to be a permanent structure: a tree, pergola, canopy or umbrellas will also do the job.


As with interiors, lighting is crucial to create the right ambience. Use plenty of candles, lanterns and soft ambient lighting.


Combine outdoor pieces with indoor furniture. Choose from a selection of materials such as wood, cane, steel, concrete and woven plastic polymers. Use colourful soft furnishings as accents.

Remember that your outdoor room is an extension of the interior and will probably form part of your view. Colour schemes should therefore be complementary.

Visual interest

We don’t all have access to a spectacular view but it is easy to create visual interest by installing a water feature or sculpture.