The Woodstock Foundry is now open

WORDS and PHOTOS: Cindy Taylor

The Woodstock Foundry is the latest addition to Albert Road’s creative community, home to an eclectic mix of retail, office, studios and workshop spaces occupied by the likes of O.Live, Lauren Fowler, Dear Ray, Opus, Selah and The Lobby, amongst others.

The centre takes its name from the works of Bronze Age, who have relocated their foundry from Simon’s Town.

“The Woodstock Foundry was envisioned as a space that would add to the creative culture in Woodstock. A place that brings the buyer closer to the maker,” says Mariah Breitenberg, who alongside her business partner at Gather, Amy Ellenbogen, was responsible for the creative consultation for the Foundry, which included curating the tenants. Mariah explains that the idea was to create a space where shoppers can buy beautiful products and at the same time see these products being made, and this is exactly what they have achieved. Most of the retail spaces double as studios and offer a front row seat of the creative processes involved in each space.   

The owners (Dan Steyn, Nick van Huyssteen, Otto du Plessis and Egon Tania) had the vision of renovating the site, which consisted of two separate buildings, into a single space with a courtyard at its center. The smaller of the two buildings, which is believed to have originally housed a bar downstairs and a brothel above, is now home to West Street Café on the ground floor with four studios atop. They’ve restored the building, which boasts a beautiful wooden staircase, wooden flooring and high ceilings, an execution that maintains its simple yet original charm.

The roof and key walls of the larger building were removed and landings and stairways installed to create two stories of interconnected spaces. The heart of the Woodstock Foundry, the courtyard, has been designed to include an array of cobblestones, bricks and plants. Carefully pieced together by hand, it boasts intricate and intriguing detail, the kind that your eye usually misses at first but ultimately leaves you pleasantly surprised once you’ve noticed it. 

We highly recommend a visit to this inspired and inspiring new development.

Open from Monday to Saturday, 10h00 to 16h00.