4 White Walls exhibition

4 White Walls in collaboration with Main Street Life is presenting a thrilling exhibition of their designs - including striking steel headboards, shelves and coffee tables - this April.

Tammy Kopelowitz and Marina Meyer, the two dynamic architects behind the design company, offer a range of design services and product design. These two creative minds came together in 2009 to celebrate the city of Johannesburg, its architecture and its design.

Tammy graduated from Wits University, where they both met, with a Masters in Architecture, and has significant experience in the interior and product design aspect of architecture. Her ability to visualise concepts and ideas has lead to innovative projects tied together with strong graphic design and branding. 

Marina, a qualified architect with a Masters in Architecture from Wits University has a wide range of work experience ranging from commercial buildings and residential work to design of the urban design and planning, streetscapes and public space, down to detail design of street furniture throughout South Africa.

Marina and Tammy are inspired by the industrial revolution and the emergence of the modern economy. The clean lines of Bauhaus, juxtaposed with the eclectic artistic design styles of the art-deco movement, influence their work.

Steel was a natural choice of material for their product range: it’s a sustainable material with a cradle-to-cradle life cycle that allows for an integrated process of development through hand-made ironmongery and machinery work.

Steel has also played a significant role in the development and growth of South Africa, especially in Johannesburg. Steel manufacturing in South Africa started in the early 1900s and has since grown and expanded. Steel now makes up a significant part of the history and future legacy of the city. 

On 10 April 2011, 4 White Walls will be exhibiting as part of the design floor at a building-wide exhibition of the whole Main Street Life building in Johannesburg’s Maboneng precinct.

More information: www.4whitewalls.co.za, http://4whitewalls.blogspot.com/