Local Design: Waif + Dayfeels

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring

Designers Amor Coetzee of Dayfeels and Gisele Human of Waif jewellery came together on 11 December to launch their respective ranges.

“Gisele and I didn’t know each other at all before this, but are sort of connected through mutual friends,” explains Amor. “I have been keeping my eye on Gisele for a long time and have been a admirer of her amazing work. After months of working on my new range and a launch in December, I realised more and more how much I wanted to share the night with an amazing designer. I believe collaboration and linking arms with fellow emerging designers is definitely the way forward. It builds community, new friendships and is a wonderful source of inspiration. Waif was my first choice. I felt that our aesthetic was very similar.”

Gisele happily came on board and the pair began to work towards launching together. While Dayfeels and Waif’s creations were designed independently, both Amor and Gisele were influenced by each other’s pieces. “It was incredible seeing them work together so beautifully,” says Amor. “It was really amazing to collaborate with someone who was completely on the same wavelength as me. We gelled so easily and quickly became friends. We are definitely planning on doing many more collaborations in the future.”

Browse the gallery above to view how beautifully the designs work together. For more information, visit dayfeels.shopstar.co.za or waifdesign.tumblr.com.