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Airloom Shelves


We may know Airloom’s David and Rose Bradshaw better for their amazing collection of rugs, but this time round, it is the couple’s range of exclusive geometric laser-cut shelves made in Cape Town that has caught our eye.

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6 Modern Shelves (To Keep Your Space Sorted)


Looking for a modern shelving option to freshen up your space? Here’s 6 contemporary options of all shapes and sizes you should definitely keep in mind.

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Picks of the Week


From monochrome photography and staircase murals to a spinning lounger and solid brass shelving, this is the stuff that gets the VISI team's creative blood pumping.

Tags: photography, lounger, shelving, street art, lise avis, anton pietersen, chantel hans, dylan culhane, bibi slippers, amuneal, david tipling

Think in, out and around the box


VISI’s deputy editor, Annemarie Meintjes loves the shop interiors of international beauty brand Aesop, which are based on resourceful ideas that can easily be recreated in your home.

Tags: wood, shelving, box, recycle, cardboard, annemarie meintjes, aesop

Box 1-7


Created by Finnish designer Pekka Kuivamäki, is one nifty shelving system. Each box fits inside of each other like Russian nesting dolls.

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BÅGAR AV GLAS is entirely made of glass. Available in three different heights you acquire section per section.

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The BÅGAR storage consists of sections that are available in three separate heights, built together they create a facade for your belongings

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Triangle Shelving System


A triangle shelving system which is assembled without using screws

Tags: wood, shelving, triangle

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