30 New Designs: Jupiter 10’s Modernist Wallcovering Collection

WORDS Mary Garner IMAGES courtesy of Jupiter 10

Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke, the design duo behind lifestyle brand Jupiter 10, have added 30 new designs to their trendy Modernist Wallcovering Collection.

After initially releasing an award-winning catwalk collection that was entirely digitally printed, Bruno and Christopher went on to showcase their collections across the globe. In 2017, they started Jupiter 10, with a focus on creating patterns and prints for interiors.

Jupiter 10’s Modernist Wallcovering Collection, now with an additional 30 designs, make use of graphics, geometric shapes and bold colours, described by Jupiter 10 as “a reimagining of Mid-century Modern design, mixing the strength of tradition with technological innovation”.

For more information, visit jupiter10.com.