5 Of Our Favourite Spirits From Around The World

favourite spirits

WORDS Tracy Greenwood

From vodka and tequila to gin and bourbon, we’ve put together some of our favourite spirits from around the globe.

1. Absolut Lime (R200)

Origin: Sweden

No stranger to local vodka lovers, Absolut has a new flavour – the first release in four years. Serve a tot of Absolut Lime over ice, topped up with soda water, and add a wedge of fresh lime. Yum!

2. Bloedlemoen Gin (R500)

Origin: South Africa

There is no shortage of top-quality gins on the market, but one of our faves is Bloedlemoen (meaning Blood Orange), a brand that recently launched a limited-edition gin that’s aged in Hungarian oak for six months. Only 300 bottles were made, and the labels were designed by illustrator and designer Marlize Eckard.

3. Fortaleza Agave Tequila (From R750)

Origin: Mexico

This small-batch hand-crafted pure agave tequila hails from a family-owned distillery on the slopes of an extinct volcano in the town of Tequila, Jalisco, where the same method has been used to create it for five generations, without any of the tech associated with the 21st century. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the real deal. Olé!

4. Crystal Head Vodka (From R650)

Origin: Canada

This premium vodka was conceived of by actor Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander. It is smooth, with a hint of sweetness and vanilla. Milannese glass-packaging maker Bruni Glass designed the fab bottle.

5. Woodford Reserve Bourbon (R499)

Origin: USA

This super premium small-batch bourbon whiskey, made in a Kentucky distillery with a 200-year history, is best suited to cocktails like the classic old-fashioned: Combine 25 ml Woodford Reserve, 1 tbsp brown sugar and 2 dashes bitters in a mixing glass and half-fill with ice. Stir, strain into a tumbler filled with ice, add a further 25 ml Woodford Reserve and garnish with a curl of orange zest.