5 Tips For Furniture Buyers

WORDS Chantel Hans

Here are five expert tips from Bakos Brothers for would-be furniture buyers.

1. Think long term

Take your time and purchase items you love, as your budget allows, working towards a goal.

2. Buy quality key pieces

A dining room table, for example, is generally bought no more than twice in a lifetime. The longer the warranty, the better.

3. Be wary of trends

Though generally more affordable, trends date and tastes change, and replacing trendy items will cost you more in the long run. Rather use neutral, durable fabrics for your bigger pieces and accessorise to get a look or dress a space.

4. Get professional advice

It’s often perceived as a luxury, but using an interior design service ensures your interior spaces will be well thought out and everything will work together to suit your lifestyle. More often than not it will save you money.

5. Choose quality leather

As with upholstery, leathers vary hugely in quality and thickness. Most cheaper leather items are made of split hides or bonded or bicast leather, which are of inferior quality and tend to deteriorate quickly. Rather spend a bit more on semi-aniline leather and get a lifetime investment.