5 Tips On How To Bring Colour Into Your Space

cara saven

Entrepreneur Cara Saven, who heads up Cara Saven Wall Design, shares her five expert tips on the easiest ways to bring colour into your home.

While colour is often the best way of bringing life into a space, it can be a daunting task for most people. You may love green, but painting a whole wall in the colour can be pretty scary, even for the most outlandish of interior designers. First and foremost, the colour needs to be right for the space.

Tip #1: Start By Choosing a Contained, Small Space

cara saven

This won’t be your main bedroom or dining room. Think smaller. Think guest bathroom. It’s the perfect place for your first foray into colour experimentation because even if you don’t get it spot on, it’s small enough to adjust and play around with. The guest bathroom is also the ideal spot in the house where people are willing to take the most risk when it comes to decor. Give your guests something to talk about even if the decor is completely different to the rest of the house.

Tip #2: Choose a Colour You Love, Not One That is Trending

Luckily, when a colour starts to trend, it does so with a couple of other ones at its side. I for one, cannot live with red in my life. But along with the red trend, are exciting tones of fuchsia and pink. Choose colours that you know will not cause you to commit grievous bodily harm to the people around you, but rather will have you swooning every time you walk into a room.

Tip #3: Go Bold

In a world of so much sameness and mass production, why wouldn’t you choose something that makes a statement about who you are? Colour and pattern is the perfect way to do this. It sets you apart from everyone else and makes your home just that… your home. This can be done by finding a paint colour that speaks to you or by choosing a bold wallpaper design this is either custom designed to suit your space or says something about what you love – think the East, bold botanicals or birdlife. Why not take a real leap and combine colour and pattern? Now we’re talking.

Tip #4: Colour as a Mood

Think of colour as your mouthpiece when you’re not around. What do you want a space to say? Should it say opulence, fun, moody, eccentric? When it comes to opulence, think purple; fun, think yellow; moody, think charcoal; and eccentric… any colour other than grey will work. Colour helps you create emotion and moods in a way that nothing else can.

Tip #5: Nature is a Colour

It amazes me how much better almost every space looks when you add a touch of nature to it in the form of plants. There is no space that cannot be enhanced with a gorgeous fiddle-leaf fig, hanging fern or a little sprig of something in a vase. If your space looks like it’s lacking in something, the chances are it’s a plant.

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