9 Home Decor Trends To Keep In Mind In 2018


From velvet and botanical-inspired prints, which continue to make an appearance, to mixed materials and deep, warm tones, Coricraft furniture buyer, Megan Morgan shares nine home decor trends to take note of in 2018.

  • Velvets are still current and are a good fabric option for accessories and accent pieces, adding glamorous texture to your decor scheme, unlike other textured fabrics.
  • Quilted fabrics are a great way to add a subtle pattern to a room. It’s the perfect detail for a dining chair and can transform your dining area from simple to chic.


  • Natural fabrics are a must in any home. They form the backdrop to accent colours and have the ability to bring your room together.
  • Warm, deep colours in accessories will add interest and depth to your home. Think emerald greens, deep blues and rich terracotta tones.
  • Mixed materials are still hugely popular. Combinations of wood and metal, wood and glass and metal and glass can be seen in furniture pieces for almost every room, from the dining room and the lounge to the bedroom.

  • Metallic accessories add a bit of excitement to your home. They’re a great neutral that can complement any colour palette.

  • Botanical remains on trend for 2018. It’s great for adding a pop to a room, be it a big, beautiful Delicious Monster leaf or a print featured on a scatter or carpet.
  • Monochrome colouring is a beautiful and timeless way to decorate a room, especially when accompanied with pops of vibrant green and natural-coloured goods.
  • Another hot trend at the moment is anything woven – whether it’s knit, crochet or cane-bending. The technique translates beautifully across accessories and furniture and adds an additional texture to your home, while amplifying the mixed-material trend that has become a staple in the decor world.