Ana Teresa Barboza’s Embroidered Creations

WORDS Mary Garner

Ana Teresa Barboza is a Peruvian artist known for her use of wool and thread in embroidering tapestries depicting valleys, rivers and natural landscapes that trickle down to balls of wool on the floor.

The visual of the wool on the ground demonstrates how the fibre is swallowed as it’s spun to create the artwork. These colourful pieces are magnified by the brilliant white backgrounds they’re set against.

One of her latest installation-based tapestry collections, entitled Increase, monitors a plant’s shadow over the course of 15 days.

ana teresa

Her recent work, United Baskets, includes interconnected woven baskets, a step away from the colourful embroidery she is normally associated with. Here, she zones in on process and shape. Using Huacho reed, she spent 30 days weaving seven baskets into a 3 m x 3 m artwork.

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