Baby Accessories From Picalow

WORDS Stefania Johnson

Every aspect of a Picalow play mat and rattle is designed with a baby’s needs in mind, including the choice of fabrics from Hertex.

The Picalow collection began as a labour of love by an expectant mother. When interior designer Kristyl Best fell pregnant with her first child, she immediately began to sketch her dream nursery: a space that would evoke serenity and lightness, where she and her daughter would adore spending time together.

The biggest design challenge proved to be the floor, which is probably the most important creative and developmental space in any child’s room. Unable to find a play mat to complement her muted palette and gorgeous textures, Kristyl decided to make one herself, a process that involved long hours of experimentation.

“It had to be comfortable, so I made it padded. It had to look beautiful for years, so I chose strong luxury fabrics with a high rub-count that would launder well. I wanted it to entertain her, so the character Buster Bunny was born,” she says.

Fabrics from Hertex were lovingly chosen to stimulate sensory development: velvet for the muzzle, satin for the whiskers, vinyl for the nose, and felt-like fabric for the face. Moveable padded ears were designed to add an element of play.

The reaction from friends (and her new daughter) inspired Kristyl to realise her dream of creating a collection of luxury homeware for little ones. For the brand, she chose the nickname her father gave her when she was a child: Picalow.

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