Colourful Paper Creations By Mlle Hipolyte

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring IMAGES

After spotting the work of Canadian graphic designer Julien Vallée, France-based paper designer and illustrator Mlle Hipolyte decided to try her hand at making paper artworks.

“I quickly loved working in this medium,” she says. “It gave me a lot of inspiration.”

Driven by the daily challenge that this medium presented, Mlle began creating works inspired by nature. “I’m obsessed with nature and my inspiration comes directly from what I see,” she explains. “I like the colours, the shapes, the shadows, the movements – everything inspires me.”

Tropical Jungle Mural.

Her paper pieces, which often depict animals and birds, from flamingos and tigers to foxes and raccoons, can take anywhere from two weeks to create (like the Tropical Jungle Mural seen above) to Coralium, Mlle’s latest piece, which took approximately four months to produce.

Coralium. Image credit: Pierre Chivoret.

Coralium detail. Image credit: Pierre Chivoret.

Coralium detail. Image credit: Pierre Chivoret.

As environmental awareness and global warming are important to Mlle, Coralium also happens to be the work that she has most enjoyed creating so far. “I spent a lot of time on it, but it was so satisfying to recreate the coral,” she says.

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