Cool Creations: Mr Doodle

WORDS Mary Garner

UK-based artist Mr Doodle, whose real name is Sam Cox, specialises in doodle prints commonly referred to as “Graffiti Spaghetti”.

His creations feature clusters of animated characters, patterns and objects all grouped together in what looks like a formation that continues without a visible beginning or end.

In his imaginative video biography, in which he talks about drawing incessantly as a child, he tells a fairytale about how he started his work known as “Doodle Land” in a place called “Paper Galaxy”.

“Most of my work is about consuming objects and places with a kind of like growing drawing virus,” says Sam. “I like just walking into the shops and seeing how busy some of the aisles are sometimes and how much there is to take in, like letters and things are punching at you. That is how I do my work so people can spend ages just finding different things. I can do my own thing with it and choose how the characters are playing about and everything is kind of your own rules.”

To buy prints online, visit or visit to view more of this talented artist’s work.