Cool Spaces: GOOD


Located in the historical Iron Works in the heart of bustling Woodstock, GOOD is a multilayered business that’s committed to doing what the name suggests: good. 

Its retail, food, co-working, and health and wellness offering (or “layers”) – GOODStore, GOODFood, GOODWork and GOODBalance – are all underpinned by its values of social and environmental upliftment.

TSI, which stands for “Total Societal Impact”, follows GOOD’s name like a trademark symbol. It’s a term coined by Wendy Woods, author of The Business Benefits of Doing Good, that suggests the impact companies can have on society simply by doing business. As a result, GOOD considers its effect on the environment, people, sustainable business and conscious living.

The concept of the GOODStore is “Considered Retail” implying a careful curation of products and producers. “We hope to inspire consumers to choose quality over quantity, [to consider] what products they choose to invite into their lives,” says Megan Rich, GOODStore Product Director. Its other goal is to provide independent local brands with a retail platform. Ceramics Made by Hand, Temple of ReasonDeity SkinKali Moda and Tilone are among the brands stocked by GOODStore and there are plans to launch an online shop on in the coming months.


GOODWork is a similarly curated space designed to both encourage sustainable business practices and also facilitate intentional growth for businesses and individuals. Its co-working offering is comprised of hot desks, suites, collaborative work spaces and access to GOOD’s amenities – the food hall, boardrooms, phone booths, meditation room and wellness centre.


From breakfast to vegan curries and sweet treats, the food hall, GOODFood, brings together local food and beverage businesses, including Salushi, Woodlands Eatery Express, Woodstock Waffles and more, allowing members or visitors to get to choose whatever they’re in the mood for.


Open Monday to Saturday, GOODWoodstock is located at 242 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town. Visit the for more info or to sign up for the newsletter.