Cool Spaces: Travelstart’s New Offices

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Riaan West Photography

Travelstart, one of Africa’s leading online travel agencies, has moved into new, stylishly designed offices inspired by the movie The Intern.

The CEO of the booking agency, now in its second decade of successful business, wanted the new office in Longkloof Studios, just off of the bustling Kloof Street in Cape Town, to showcase Travelstart’s brand identity while simultaneously expressing a sense of creative and collaborative functionality.

Designed by South African design studio Inhouse, the space features a reception room with a wow-factor. The main counter was made in light of Travelstart’s logo and dominates most of the reception area. It is made up of a massive circular blue light box and backed by a coffee bar and a twenty-four seater communal work table that was carved from a large tree trunk and tastefully set on a contrasting steel frame.

A two-metre long model aeroplane hangs from the ceiling of the triple volume space, lending a playful nod to one of the travel agency’s main functions. The spacious area sees Travelstart’s colour scheme (blue, grey and white) used as a prominent theme throughout. The office boasts a kitchen, stadium seating space, a meditation room, recreation rooms, various offices, a main boardroom and glass panelling that allows for a degree of privacy without interrupting the open plan flow of the easily accessible workspace.

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