Designer Dog Beds for BowWow Haus London 2018

WORDS Amelia Brown IMAGES Drew Gardner via

Remember those glorious architect-designed cat houses? Well behold these designer kennels! Zaha Hadid Design, SPARK Architects and Studio Octopi are among the architects, artists and designers who have designed a series of dog houses.

The puptastic exhibition, entitled BowWow Haus London 2018, is a collaboration between pet charity Blue Cross, American not-for-profit organisation Outdoor Arts Foundation and photographer Drew Gardner. The one-of-a-kind kennels have been on display around central London for five weeks and will be exhibited until the end of April 2018 before being sold to the highest bidders as part of a charity auction that will raise money for relevant causes.

Zaha Hadid Design’s Cloud is an elegant, sculptural kennel constructed in milled plywood using digital design and fabrication. “Designed for the BowWow Haus exhibition, Cloud continues our long-standing commitment to support those doing great work in our community,” says Maha Kutay, director of Zaha Hadid Design.

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