Designers We Love: Andrew Dominic

COMPILED BY Lindi Brownell Meiring IMAGES courtesy of Andrew Dominic

Furniture designer and maker Andrew Dominic aims to deliver beauty and elegance into a client’s home with every piece he creates.

Latest releases include the Ivor Collection, consisting of a bench, dining chair and two dining tables that celebrate corner rail construction, as well as the reimagined upholstered Eve Chair.

With an Ivor Collection bed soon to be released, as well as a new dining table inspired by a ship’s stern, Andrew shared more about what’s new, favourite materials and design inspirations.

What’s new from Andrew Dominic?

We’ve just released our new Ivor chairs and are also working on a couple of variations of these. Our Eve chair is being reimagined in an upholstered version. We’ve had a lot of requests for beds so we’re working on a few designs, including one inspired by our Ivor range that plays with corner rail construction and conjures up a sense of floating. We’re currently also working on a new dining table design taking inspiration from a ship’s stern, so it’s quite sculptural and simple.

Do you consider yourself a designer or a maker?

Both. A designer-maker. What I do is grounded in extensive experience in “making” to navigate new ideas. Often, a particular simple making task inspires a new design idea, then piece, then an entirely new range.

From your experience, where does the one begin and the other end? Or do they?

Sometimes a new idea is led by the constraints of the various machining methods, so the two disciplines have to both work together in unison to reach a final resting point of a new design. I am inherently involved in the whole process but it’s always good to be able to hand over a design to the makers so I can get back to the imagining.

What was the first thing you ever made?

A tiny rowing dinghy boat about 10 cm long!

What types of wood inspire you, and why?

The nature of solid Birch is super plain, calm and clean, so I like to use this for simple bedroom pieces. Walnut’s bold and wild grain is always a winning showstopper, especially for an ordinary tabletop shape. I like to use bolder, more characterful timbers on simple forms.

What informs your designs?

Natural shapes, random thoughts, observations in everyday life, and occasionally, rum… only kidding!

What does doing what you do mean to you?

It’s my path, my passion, my work, source of challenges, headaches and triumphs. It can also be all-consuming, as many forms of work can be, but I enjoy the creative freedom I have.

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