Designers We Love: Gregor Jenkin

WORDS Joshua Craig White PHOTOS Micky Hoyle

When celebrated designer Gregor Jenkin announced that he was working on a new collection of one-off pieces, it was time to sit up and take note.

In August this year, at the invitation of 100% Design South Africa, Gregor Jenkin unveiled a range of beauties as part of his designation as the 100% Design South Africa Feature Designer of the Year.

He is the winner of multiple design awards – including one from VISI. The Philadelphia Museum of Art holds works by Gregor Jenkin Studio in its permanent collection. Gregor’s acclaimed early works in mild steel revised Cape Dutch aesthetics, and were top sellers at the renowned Conran Shop in the UK. In November, Southern Guild will host a solo show of Gregor’s work at the newly launched GUILD in the Silo District at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront.

Gregor’s latest collection debuted at 100% Design South Africa under the title still things move. “I intended it to be an overview of products and prototypes that represent the spectrum of work I make. I introduced a few very simply engineered production pieces as well as some unique pieces and prototypes,” says Gregor.

The collection features items such as pure form tables and benches, planters, jugs and other accessories, many of them made of wood and stainless steel, materials that Gregor is familiar with. As the exhibition title suggests, the collection includes a few pieces that possess a mobile quality, an aspect that is new to Gregor’s repertoire.

Browse the gallery above to view this stand-out collection.

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