Diary: Local Events To Look Forward To

local events

There’s always something to look forward to on the local arts scene. We’ve rounded up some awesome events and exhibitions for you to add to your calendar.

Saturn Return: Solo Exhibition By Kirsten Sims at Salon Ninety One

Until 29 July 2017

Artist statement:

“The Saturn Return is the astrological period in our lives when the planet Saturn completes its orbit around the Sun, coinciding with the time of our birth. It happens every 29,5 years and as this is my 30th year I’ve decided to tap into the phenomenon for inspiration and use it as a launching pad for my next body of work. They say the first Saturn Return we go through can feel like leaping off the cliff of childhood, leaving us feeling estranged from external support. I’ve recently been digging through my childhood art archives and have found such joy in seeing how I expressed myself and the world around me; drawing more from internal than external references. My world may have gotten much bigger, but the idea of painting with reckless abandon, unafraid of the rules, and with total confidence about what is put down on paper, is something I want to address. I want to explore the expanse of space around me as I ‘jump off the cliff’ – both in the scale of my work and in the playful interactions of the figures I paint within the environments I put them in.”

For more information, visit salon91.co.za.

Hasan & Husain Essop: Refuge at The Goodman Gallery Johannesburg

Until 15 July 2017

The Goodman Gallery Johannesburg launches Refuge by Hasan and Husain Essop, South African twin artists originating from the Cape Flats, whose probing exhibition of new work – photography, sculpture and video – seeks to address mounting prejudice surrounding Islamic identity in the secular world.

As the war against IS continues and ISIS-inspired terror attacks occur with increasingly regularity in the Middle East and Europe, the Essops respond to the polarised state of public opinion with their characteristically performative approach – posing within the frame of the camera primarily to unpack questions of national belonging that have spawned from the Syrian refugee crisis. They also draw provocative connections to the displacement of non-white South Africans – including their own family, who were forced out of District 6 during Apartheid – as part of their interest in exploring the broader social question “what constitutes refuge?”.

For more information, visit goodman-gallery.com.

Lefa La Ntate by Mohau Modisakeng at The Standard Bank Gallery

Until 8 July 2017

Very few South Africans will be able to visit Venice, where Mohau Modisakeng joins Candice Breitz as a national representative at the Biennale starting in May. Fortunately, however, Joburgers won’t need to travel that far to enjoy Modisakeng’s work. The Standard Bank Gallery is pleased to announce that his critically acclaimed exhibition, Lefa La Ntate, is now open in Johannesburg.

For more information, visit standardbank.com/modisakeng.

Stanislaw Trzebinksi: Ortus at The Melrose Gallery in Johannesburg

6 July – 27 July 2017

Gauteng art enthusiasts are in for a treat this July as Stanislaw Trzebinski, a talented 25-year-old sculptor, showcases his mesmerising solo exhibition, Ortus, at the Melrose Gallery in Johannesburg.

Part of his ongoing coral series, Ortus features never-before-seen bronze sculptures in the 41-piece strong showing, along with never-before-seen two-dimensional works on brass, copper and paper. The exhibition follows on from a well-received run in Cape Town late last year.

For more information, visit facebook.com/themelrosegallery.

Group Exhibition: Be Kind. Please Rewind at Gallery MOMO Cape Town

Until 15 July 2017

Gallery MOMO Cape Town is pleased to present Be Kind. Please Rewind; a group exhibition of local and international artists who engage with history and memory through the medium of film and video. By grappling with personal histories and collective memories, nostalgia, and storytelling, the videos in this exhibition seek to explore the various complexities of video’s relationship to the construction and perception of history and memory.

Be Kind. Please Rewind is Gallery MOMO’s third annual video exhibition, marking the gallery’s sustained commitment to providing a platform for furthering the medium of film and video art. Gallery MOMO is proud to be the only gallery that has a full video exhibition in South Africa.

For more information, visit gallerymomo.com.

Sarah Biggs: Waiting For Rain at Barnard Gallery

Until 8 July 2017

Sarah Biggs’s sophomore solo exhibition, Waiting for Rain, sees a complex dance play out between two enduring partners. Chaos confronts and converses with its ancient mirror: the joyful and relentless belief in meaning and logic, in patterns and explanations. It is a conversation simmering in the medium itself – surfaces which are constantly moving, forming, becoming; pigments which seep and meet each other, expand like gases or explode like gunpowder. It is a terrible cliché in art writing to describe “fevered brushstrokes” – far better to say that Biggs’s brushstrokes are in fever, the lucid oils sweating out – and breathing in – visions of dreams and disaster.

For more information, visit barnardgallery.com.

ECR House & Garden Show

30 June – 9 July 2017

KZN’s largest lifestyle show invites you to be inspired by their array of new show features and exhibits on June 30 to July 9 at the Durban Exhibition Centre. Explore the contemporary small space living display nestled in an up-cycled 12-metre shipping container. Discover the new For the Love of Food pavilion to find scrumptious local delights, wine tasting stations, craft beer, foodie products and a reimagined chef’s demo theatre. KZN’s top interior designers and decorators collaborate for the first time to create a mix of trend-focused room settings, alongside a relaxed café where daily talks will nudge your design dreams into action. With over 450 exhibitors on display you’ll leave thoroughly inspired and ready to do, and design, your home. Tickets cost R85 per person, which you can buy at the door or via i-Tickets.

For more information, visit housegardenshow.co.za.

Exhibition at Stevenson Cape Town featuring Penny Siopis, Jody Brand and Mitchell Gilbert Messina

Until 15 July 2017

Each of the artists will give a walkabout presentation of their exhibitions. Jody Brand on Saturday 10 June, Mitchell Gilbert Messina on Saturday 17 June, and Penny Siopis on Saturday 1 July. The talks start at 11am; all are welcome.

Penny Siopis: Restless Republic

Siopis’s interest in materiality and contingency, form and formlessness in painting is longstanding. Over the last decade she has intensified this interest through experiments with glue and ink, creating a fluid process in which the medium is an active agent in the making of the work.

Jody Brand: You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down

In You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down, Brand creates a celebratory tableau inviting the worship of black and brown, queer and femme bodies in an effort to reconfigure the visual cues of domination.

Mitchell Gilbert Messina: Go Away Mitchell

Inspired in equal parts by Fischli/Weiss, Richard Pryor, Buster Keaton, Donald Barthelme, Maurizio Cattelan and Griffin McElroy, Messina selfishly makes the video art he wants to see, and generously invites his audience to dive down the click hole with him.

For more information, visit stevenson.info.

Untitled 4.99 | Group Exhibition at 99 Loop

Until 15 July 2017

Kim van Vuuren – “Anna, my Polish Wife”

99 Loop presents its annual winter group exhibition, with a selection of new works by their artists, plus some new talent.

For more information, visit 99loop.co.za.

100% Design South Africa 2017 at Decorex Joburg at Gallagher Convention Centre

9 – 13 August 2017

“From being a fledging show in 2014, 100% Design South Africa has matured into Africa’s premier exhibition and sourcing platform for high-end contemporary design. 100% Design South Africa is set to shake up Gallagher Convention Centre in Gauteng when it happens alongside Decorex Joburg from 9  – 13 August 2017. With big hitters such as Gregor Jenkin, Dokter and Misses, David Krynauw, James Mudge and Source IBA on the bill, alongside major design brands such as Crema Design, MONN, ErgoForm and Herman Miller, 100% Design South Africa will be a show without equal in 2017.”

For more information, visit 100percentdesign.co.za.

Jo Ractliffe Everything is Everything at Stevenson Gallery in Johannesburg

18 May – 30 June 2017

The exhibition, which comprises previously unpublished images spanning about 25 years, explores the idea of the photograph “without purpose”, unhinged from a specific project or body of work. In the words of the artist:

“Such a photograph might be one taken for no reason other than to expose the remaining frames in a roll of film after a photographic shoot, or to test the workings of a newly acquired camera. Or it might manifest itself spontaneously, by chance, while you’re on your way looking towards something else. In this way, a photograph without purpose might be seen as one that occurs through happenstance, rather than intentionality. But a photograph without purpose might also be one that asserts its own raison d’être, refusing to comply with the narrative or conceptual intentions of the larger body of work”

Reflecting the fluid nature of such images, Everything is Everything presents photographs produced with a wide range of film cameras including professional medium format, plastic toy and 35mm ‘point-and-shoot’ cameras, as well as a Nokia cell phone and 35mm digital camera.

For more information, visit stevenson.info.

Serge Alain Nitegeka’s Ode to Black at Stevenson Gallery in Johannesburg

Until 30 June 2017

STEVENSON is pleased to present Ode to Black, a solo exhibition by Serge Alain Nitegeka, his fifth with the gallery.

Nitegeka says:

Black is the colour of mourning and melancholy. Black epitomises stealth; it is central to clandestine ventures and cool lonesomeness. Black is the colour of executive cars, gadgets, accessories and clothing. Eternally beautiful, Black is the colour of the universe, the infinite deep dark unknown abyss. Black is a wormhole, mysterious and ever-receding, absorbing everything around it and revealing nothing. Black is all colours mixed together, perhaps the sum of the visible. Black is the only colour without light, though full and empty.

Black is a colour reserved unto itself. It is comfortable in its own nature, unruffled and confident. It tries very hard to stay anonymous but inquiring eyes are drawn to it; spectators cannot resist it. It is not popular. It reveals little because it is neither warm nor cold. It is an enigmatic pigment.

The colour black presents itself ambiguously in meaning, like the abstract forms in my practice. Ode to Black explores the multitude of meanings that the colour black invites in my work thus far, in paintings, sculptures and installations.

For more information, visit stevenson.info.

Progress Preserved: Art of Brother Collective Exhibition at Worldart Gallery in Cape Town

Until 29 June 2017

In their latest exhibition, Cape Town-based arts collective Art of Brother takes us into “Future Africa” where technology has had a major impact on the continent.

Through juxtaposing the strong cultural and socio-political significance of various found objects, and shifting between mediums and processes, Art of Brother create memories; a cultural heritage and lineage from a future society. Their new body of work deals with loneliness, separation anxiety and the determent of technology and social media on our developing African society.

The Progress Preserved museum, however, serves not only as a reminder of our past but also as a reminder of where we are at present and possibly heading to.

Titled Progress Preserved, this exhibition takes the viewer into a conceptual museum space that signifies the idea of what losing our culture may mean. The museum is a place of comfort. It is a safe space where you can find yourself again, and what is displayed in front of you should reflect all those questions you always had about belonging and connecting with your ancestors.

For more information, visit worldart.co.za.