Diary: Local Events To Look Forward To

local events

There’s always something to look forward to on the local arts scene. We’ve rounded up some awesome events and exhibitions for you to add to your calendar.

Jody Paulsen Water Me at SMAC Gallery in Johannesburg

Until 9 February 2019

“Water me” – according to popular culture – is a phrase that refers to when a man or a woman (preferably a man) is “super hot”. It also refers to R&B singer Lizzo’s 2017 hit, Water Me, which is “a celebration of black beauty and the meaningful freedom of water”. Water Me – Jody Paulsen’s second solo exhibition with SMAC Gallery – is perhaps an embodiment of both of these interpretations, however, with his inclusion of still life depictions of bouquets of flowers, it is most evidently a witty revival of the timeless, symbolic resonance of memento mori – a reminder of death, change and the irrevocable passing of time.

For more information, visit smacgallery.com.

Pride Of Africa at Cellars-Hohenhort

14 February – 17 February 2019

Ardmore, South Africa’s cutting-edge ceramics and design company, has joined forces with the Zimbabwean luxury brand Patrick Mavros for a groundbreaking exhibition in Cape Town. It marks their first collaboration in South Africa.

The Pride of Africa exhibition will be held at The Cellars-Hohenort in Cape Town from 14 – 17 February 2019.

The Ardmore and Patrick Mavros brands are both family owned and operated and share a deep love for Africa. Both are now major players on the international stage. They have previously exhibited together in London, Nairobi and Harare.

Patrick Bongoy: Remains Solo Exhibition at The AVA Gallery in Cape Town

Until 21 February 2019

“This new body of work is a continuation of some of the overarching themes of my previous works, specifically those explored in my recent exhibitions Revenants and Where are we/Where are we going,” says Patrick. “Like those works, I am zoning in on the particular aspect of the dehumanisation as a consequence of the toxic historical and current social, as well as physical, environment.”

For more information, visit ava.co.za.

Emma C. Aspeling’s Solo Exhibition There Where You Are at 99 Loop in Cape Town

Until 23 February 2019 

Emma C. Aspeling’s latest body of work is an exhibition focused on emotive experiences.

For more information, visit 99loop.co.za.

Marlene Steyn and Gabrielle Kruger’s Garden Smoothie at SMAC Gallery in Stellenbosch

Until 23 February 2018

Created within and around a greenhouse within a gallery space, Garden Smoothie finds inspiration in the very idea of something growing – a fluid mix of thoughts and concepts, slithering freely across their environment – and, somewhat like a real smoothie, this exhibition presents itself as a selection of organisms with the potential to mutate into any form.

For more information, visit smacgallery.com.

Asha Zero v5cml / reply Solo Exhibition at SMAC in Stellenbosch

Until 23 February 2019

Using paint and not collage is Asha Zero’s way of forcing the issue of “reality loss”.  Today’s capitalist environments are mediated by our user identity, by the conversion of human movement, emotional responses and preferences into data to further technological advancement and to make interfaces more “user friendly.” Reality becomes relative to perspective. We are living in the “post-truth” era some have heralded. Asha Zero’s time-consuming painting process affords us the possibility to take responsibility to picture reality for ourselves. The questions his canvases pose to the viewer encourage us to keep our consciousness wide enough awake to figure out what it is that we are looking at.

For more information, visit smacgallery.com.

Ledelle Moe and Siemon Allen: Transitions at SMAC Gallery in Stellenbosch

Until 23 February 2018

Concerned with notions of land and dislocation, Transitions comes as a longing to better understand how both personal and political histories are inherent in our ever-present awareness of site – simultaneously serving as an investigation into identity construction through displacement. Informed by their personal histories and experiences of movement – both Moe and Allen left South Africa in the nineties to pursue opportunities in the US – this body of work, at its core, is a reflection on place. Offset by a parallel series of object studies, the exhibition is made up of landscapes – both in the “traditional” sense and in the very material of which the work is made – and sees the gallery space transformed and suspended, at once, into one of both sitelessness and ground. It’s a series of fragments – ­of locations, of identities, of derivés, of objects – and seeks to re-examine the South African landscape in art as an apprehensive, fraught site full of ambiguities.

For more information, visit smacgallery.com.

Elizabeth Gunter: Last Solo Exhibition at Cavalli Gallery in Stellenbosch

Until 24 February 2019

Last explores notions around continuance of life as opposed to annihilation, and the complex bonds that tie humans and animals.

For more information, visit cavallistud.com.

Jennifer Morrison Surface Depth Solo Exhibition at Graham Modern & Contemporary Gallery in Johannesburg

Until 26 February 2019

Graham Modern & Contemporary is proud to present an extensive solo exhibition of works by acclaimed South African-born, British-based artist, Jennifer Morrison. In Surface Depth, the tension between seen and unseen becomes an end unto itself. Jennifer invites viewers to look past the vibrant, mesmerising surfaces of her large canvas works to consider the dynamic social, contextual and emotional forces at work in the artistic process.

For more information, visit grahamsfineartgallery.co.za.

Group Exhibition: Monochrome at The Barnard Gallery in Cape Town

Until 26 February 2019

Monochrome is a group exhibition featuring painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, video installation and collage by selected artists.

It is fascinating how much variety can exist within monochromatic works despite the limitation of colour, a fact which is made very much apparent in the artworks collected for this exhibition. The reduction of colour only serves to heighten the idiosyncrasies of individual artists: their use of brushwork, mark making, gradations of tone and their compositional logic.

Monochrome features works by Tom Cullberg, Lien Botha, Svea Josephy, Alexia Vogel, Pierre le Riche, Gretchen van der Byl, Jaco van Schalkwyk, Dominique Edwards, Alastair Whitton, Sepideh Mehraban, Nina Liebenburg, Robyn Penn, Connor Cullinan, Vanessa Cowling, Jono Dry, MJ Lourens, Mia Thom, Richard Penn and Katherine Spindler.

For more information, visit barnardgallery.com.

Brett Murray’s Hide Solo Exhibition at Everard Read in Cape Town

6 February – 28 February 2019

Brett Murray unveils his latest body of work Hide at Everard Read/CIRCA Cape Town in February 2019.

Brett returns with his considered satirical language, but is investigating a more personal, emotionally-charged narrative as well. With this series of works, he comments on mounting global threats and the unpredictability of contemporary politics.

Brett continues to reinvigorate his practice as a leading sculptor of his generation, and Hide sees him include new conversations with materiality. The exhibition debuts his monumental marble works, including White Elephant and Hug. The marbles are being produced in collaboration with Studio Sem in Lucca, Italy, which has produced work by artists such as Henry Moore and Damien Hirst.

For more information, visit everard-read-capetown.co.za.

Lucie de Moyencourt’s Solo Exhibition Sketching Cape Town at the Voorkamer Gallery in Cape Town

2 February 2019 – 28 February 2019 

Lucie is well-known for pulling out her ink and sketchbooks at picnics, hipster coffee bars and glamorous French film festivals to record a moment she’s experiencing. Continuing the tradition of the French comics, Lucie records her contemporary life with humour, insight and joy. This exhibition of over 250 individual, unframed pages marks the first time that her prized and personal sketches have been exhibited since she began the tradition 15 years ago while travelling through Spain.

For more information, visit the voorkamergallery.co.za.

Design Indaba Festival

27 February  1 March 2019

Design Indaba, the internationally acclaimed creative conference, will once again take place in Cape Town, from Wednesday 27 February to Friday 1 March 2019. It will continue to uphold the standard it has set in previous years of bringing together luminaries in the design world, with the goal of encouraging solutions-based thinking to global design and social challenges. 

In keeping with the Design Indaba ethos – a better world through creativity – the conference and festival promise to inspire design activism through compelling presentations that combine career-changing insights and cutting-edge work across industries.  

In addition to an impressive lineup of conference speakers – made up of leaders and innovators in a wide range of fields – the festival will also feature the Emerging Creatives showcase, a programme which seeks to provide a platform for up-and-coming design talent, as well the much-anticipated Li Edelkoort trend forecast seminar, and a host of social events.   

For more information, visit designindaba.com.

Simphiwe Ndzube’s Solo Exhibition Unchartered Lands and Trackless Seas at STEVENSON Cape Town

Until 2 March 2019

Through painting, sculpture and installation, Simphiwe stages an introduction to his imaginative universe, named Echoes of the First Stories. He states, “We begin in the real world and through interaction with the work enter a fabulist tale in progress. I’ve attempted to create the genesis of a cosmology that finds itself in the ‘uncharted lands and trackless seas’ I call the Mine Moon. It emerges from the tradition of magical realism and is expanding to points currently unknown.”

For more information, visit stevenson.info

Gerhard Marx’s Ecstatic Archive Solo Exhibition at Goodman Gallery Johannesburg

Until 9 March 2019

Ecstatic Archive presents new work from Gerhard Marx’s ongoing series of disorienting maps that investigate, in the words of writer Alexandra Dodd, “the formal and fictive possibilities of perspective”. In these works, Gerhard ruptures the flatness of archival maps, creating complex and often self-contradictory geometries that illustrate the tropes used to mould our impression of the physical world.

For more information, visit goodman-gallery.com.

 Bronwyn Katz’s Solo Exhibition / // ! ǂ at blank projects in Cape Town

7 February 2019 – 9 March 2019

In this, her third exhibition with the gallery, Bronwyn has developed a new system of notation to signify the phonetics of an imagined creole language. Through the creation of new visual forms realised as sculptures and installation made of iron ore, steel, copper and string, and by incorporating aspects of sound and performance, / // ! ǂ explores, through collaboration, the interactions between the visual and the aural, taking cues from Bronwyn’s own personal relationship to language and the voice.

For more information, visit blankprojects.com.

Pedro Pires’s Solo Exhibition Six of one and half a dozen of the other at Gallery MOMO in Cape Town

6 February 2019 – 9 March 2019

This show is a continuation of Pedro’s ongoing research into migration, nationality and identity construction. Pedro’s position as an Angolan-born, Portuguese-raised subject situates his national relationship in liminal space. “Belonging” essentially to neither place raises questions that have to do with movement, history and education. What is nationality? What makes us belong to a place, a country, a space? What is it to be Angolan or Portuguese in a contemporary post-colonial (or neo-colonial) context? To what extent are we shaped by our education, or our ability to transform ourselves? Pedro engages with these issues not just in a personal context. His work deals with issues that parallel other realities in a world marked by imperialism, migration and change.

For more information, visit gallerymomo.com.

Nolan Oswald Dennis’s Solo Exhibition Options at Goodman Gallery Cape Town

Until 9 March 2019

Options is Nolan Oswald Dennis’s second solo exhibition with Goodman Gallery. Consisting of a new series of drawings, diagrams and systems, the exhibition considers our present moment in which 20th-century social fictions have re-emerged. Dennis grapples with this idea in relation to the linguistic and visual limits of colonial language, attempting to map the terrain of local and global power through work that subverts our idea of linear time and space.

For more information, visit goodman-gallery.com.

Thania Petersen’s Solo Exhibition Iqra at WHATIFTHEWORLD in Cape Town

6 February – 16 March 2019

“Iqra”, in Arabic, means “to read”. The first word uttered by the angel Gabriel as he descends from a violated heaven, it is the governing word which informs Petersen’s solo show. We must “learn to read”, she says, interpret the world in a more beneficent and inclusive manner, because if we do not do so we will remain the victims of religious dogma.

For more information, visit whatiftheworld.com.

Zander Blom’s Solo Exhibition New Paintings at STEVENSON Johannesburg

2 February 2019 – 22 March 2019

New Paintings is the artist’s first showing in the Johannesburg gallery since 2013 and follows his solo presentation at the 2018 Joburg Art Fair.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 2 February, 10 am to 1 pm.

For more information, visit stevenson.info.


21 March 2019 – 24 March 2019

Africa’s largest decor, design and lifestyle exhibition portfolio will extend the continent’s influence on global style with the first instalment, Decorex Durban, taking place at the Durban Exhibition Centre from 21 to 24 March 2019.

The 2019 exhibition programme boasts a number of new installations that will speak to upcoming trends. Some of the key features include:

  • Decorex Urban Living Trend House
  • InStudio Trend Theatre
  • Designing for Africa Project by IID
  • The Playroom Children’s Décor Project
  • The Lighting Project by Springlights
  • The Kitchen Trend Project
  • The Bathroom Project
  • Wine & Bubbly Bar
  • The Gin Garden
  • Global Trends Project
  • Gourmet Cooking Theatre
  • Rummery
  • The Harvest Table
  • The Illy Experience
  • The Mint Café
  • The Wine Tasting Cellar
  • 1-Day Pop-up Market in collaboration with TINGG

Visitors can also look forward to the latest design, build and lifestyle products from innovative trade leaders, working alongside Durban’s most dynamic artists. In addition, stylised restaurants and bars will be located throughout the exhibition space, offering quality food and drink menus.

Book your tickets now at decorex.co.za.


1 May 2019 – 5 May 2019

Cape Town’s dominance within the global design industry will resonate throughout Africa’s largest decor, design and lifestyle exhibition as leading influencers display their take on this year’s theme – Designing for Africa – feels like home. Decorex Cape Town, taking place at Cape Town International Convention Centre from 1 to 5 May 2019, is set to shine a spotlight on the unmatched local talent through a full feature programme, proving exactly why this city is considered the design capital of South Africa.

Some of the key features include:

  • Decorex Urban Living Trend House
  • InStudio Trend Theatre
  • Children’s Playroom & Décor Project
  • The Designer PODs
  • The Lighting Project by Wire World
  • The Trend Kitchen
  • The Kitchen Project
  • The Bathroom Project
  • The Design Project
  • Gourmet Cooking Theatre
  • Global Trends Project
  • Wine Bar
  • The Gin & Rum Bar
  • Dine & Design Restaurant + Bar
  • The Harvest Table
  • Coffee Experience by Illy
  • The Wine Tasting Cellar
  • Designing for Africa by IID

In addition to the features’ programme, visitors will get to interact with some of the city’s most innovative trade leaders – revolutionising the design, build and lifestyle industries – as well as some of the most dynamic influencers in the creative realm.

Book your tickets at decorex.co.za

Dokter and Misses Practically Everywhere Exhibition at Southern Guild in Cape Town

14 February 2019 – 8 May 2019

Dokter and Misses’ first solo show with Southern Guild will premiere a new series of collectable furniture inspired by the creative disorder and decay of urban ecosystems. Largely consisting of sculptural cabinets in timber, steel and glass, this new body of work experiments with jagged shapes, odd proportions and stacked forms overlaid with textural surface treatments.

For more information, visit southernguild.co.za.