Faith47 In NYC

WORDS Michaela Stehr VIDEO Makhulu on Vimeo

Acclaimed SA street artist Faith47 has created a series of giant bird murals in New York City.

“There’s an inherent irony in recreating nature on cement, so the series is a nostalgic reminder of what we’ve lost but also an attempt to reintegrate that into the present,” explains Faith47. “We have become so distanced from nature, so these murals are an attempt to reconnect us with the natural world.”

She will be exhibiting at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC (her debut solo show) until 19 December 2015.

A selection of 50 limited edition etching prints (of the below image) have been selected by Vandalog as part of Amazon’s Street Art Project and are available for purchase.

Faith47 In NYC

The Psychic Power of Animals

Award-winning South African filmmaker Rowan Pybus has created a cool clip inspired by her work below, entitled No Standing Anytime.