Famous Art Scenes Reimagined by Yulia Pidlubnyak

WORDS Mary Garner

For her Re-ymagined project, New York-based 3D artist Yulia Pidlubnyak creates digital renderings of famous works of art.

“Every artist creates their own style to convey their perception of reality,” says Yulia on her website. “They filter the world through the prism of their unique vision. But what did they actually see?”

Edward Hopper – Nighthawks.

Andrew Wyeth – Christina’s World.

Grant Wood – American Gothic.

Edward Hopper – Chop Suey.

Henri Matisse – The Dessert: Harmony in Red.

Vincent van Gogh – Café Terrace at Night.

René Magritte – Empire of Light.

Yulia aims to see how each of the artists, like Vincent van Gogh, Edward Hopper and Henri Mattise, perceived the real environments that they were portraying in their artworks. The rendering strips away the unique style of each artist into renderings that are simplified and devoid of people.

“Re-ymagined is an art project that digitally renders the reality of artists’ environment before they started to draw. It reinterprets light, textures, strokes, and patterns.”

For more information, visit ymageworks.com.