Futuristic Cape Town Office Space

WORDS Cheri Morris

Cape Town-based interior design firm Conduit Interior brings futuristic office design to the present with its slick redesign of software development company Korbicom.

Designed by Founder and Head Designer of Conduit Interior Grant Johnson, this contemporary and colourful office space is about more than just suave interiors. The overhaul of the space integrates ergonomics, technology and aesthetics in an effort to improve employee value proposition, while attracting and retaining top talent.

The need for a receptionist is replaced by a digital guest check in and plush blue velvet sofas in the waiting area precede the showpiece of the office: the main meeting room. This room boasts engineered flooring on walls creating texture and warmth, touches of nature that create a calm ambience ideal for concentration while a subtle wash of neon lighting gives the space a modern edge.

Instead of creating one large open-plan area or numerous secluded office spaces, this design offers the harmony of both. Four main team rooms boast floor-to-ceiling glass panels that welcome natural light and incredible mountain views. Clever use of colour adds a certain energy to the contemporary space while playful carpets give the illusion of giant Tetris blocks. Booths in attractive shades of green and glass allow for private encounters that are simultaneously transparent.

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