Gunjan Aylawadi’s Paper Tapestries


Australia-based industrial designer and self-taught visual artist Gunjan Aylawadi creates sculptural 3D tapestries out of paper.

Thanks to her background in industrial design, she made use of 3D printing principles to create the final (breathtaking) results. Each piece is made up of layers upon layers of fragile paper, resulting in these magnificent works of art.

“In the last few years, my slow meditative paper weaving practice has evolved from two-dimensional paper tapestries to three-dimensional geometric sculptures,” says Gunjan.

Growing up around arabesque patterns found in mosques, temples, and churches, Gunjan is also drawn to the architecture and geometry incorporated in the design of these buildings. It is the style of this pattern that motivates those looking on to pause for a moment, giving viewers the opportunity to “observe, contemplate and rest.”