Handcrafted Tanks From Rain Queen


Looking for a way to collect and store rainwater from your roof? Introducing the Rain Queen tank.

With the addition of modern materials, Rain Queen employs the same techniques used to make the first tanks over 100 years ago, offering durable and aesthetically pleasing designs that are handcrafted by teams of three tank makers. As the tanks are hand-made, it is relatively easy to make custom designed options to suit individual requirements. Tanks can also be assembled on site where access is limited.

Shapes, Sizes and Colours

Rain Queen tanks are available in two shapes: round and streamline (oval). Streamline tanks are useful when space is limited, for use along the side of a house, for example. Available in sizes up to a maximum of 3 000 litres, the tanks use space efficiently and can be placed up against a wall. Round tanks come in sizes up to 10 000 litres, with a minimum diameter of 550 mm. Farm tanks offer large volumes at low cost with diameters up to 10 metres and a maximum volume of 120 000 litres.

Corrugated steel tanks are mostly made from plain galvanized steel, which will start out very shiny and gradually gain more character as the zinc ages and the zinc spangle patterning develops. Tanks are available in the Chromadek colour range, depending on colour availability. This allows the products to be made to match Chromadek roofing. They can also be painted following the standard procedure for painting a galvanised steel roof.

Corrugated steel sleeves are used to cover plastic tanks, transforming the look of your home and protecting the plastic tank from UV degradation.

rain queen

Garden Beds, Planters and Ponds

Corrugated steel planters are available in round or oval shapes and offer a cost effective, long-lasting solution. The top edge is rounded for comfort and safety, and the inside is painted with a coating to extend the product’s life.

Coated internally with pond paint, ponds made from corrugated steel offer a strong and quick solution to garden pond requirements.

For more information, visit rainqueentanks.co.za.