Herringbone’s Hand-woven Rugs

WORDS Michaela Stehr PHOTOS Karen Haake

Hand-woven in wool or cotton and sourced from all over the world, every rug in the latest Herringbone range tells a story.

Herringbone was started out of a desire to find beautiful dhurries and other flat-weave rugs, which have now become a staple of the brand‘s offering, among the wide variety of beautiful hand-made rugs they sell.

Initially serving a utilitarian purpose, flat-weave rugs have found a place in contemporary design, says co-owner Sarah Craig. “Our offering is a little different. We do follow trends, but foremost in our selection criteria is our passion for the culture, art and history of rug-making.”

The striking images featured here were captured on the Atlantis dunes in Cape Town. They belie the logistical manoeuvring required of the team, 4×4 driver and photographer, Karen Haacke. “We chose these rugs from our collection for the shoot, as we felt they would contrast beautifully against the stark landscape of the dunes and the early-morning light,” says Sarah.

“We went for bright colours and bold patterns to create this contrast against the simplicity of the untouched sand.”

For more information, visit herringbone.co.za.