@home Homeware Guide: Al Fresco Style

al fresco

This season, @home wants you to find your perfect entertaining style and decor scheme, make it yours and celebrate time with family and friends.

This season’s homeware guide is divided into four styles, namely Traditional, Al Fresco, Contemporary and Luxe.

For Al Fresco, fresh fruit infusions and glasses of bubbles taste so much better when enjoyed outside. Using @home’s glass & metal ball candle holders, make the occasion more special with tea lights as day turns to night.

Celebrate the fine holiday weather with meals and drinks under the stars. Pick natural materials, crockery in organic shapes and clear glass. Nordic dinner plates, Moroccan-style cheese boards, drinks dispensers and a Gatsby-inspired drinks trolley will make great additions to your outdoor events.

For more information and to browse the collections online, visit home.co.za.