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Artist and illustrator Geffen Refaeli is the creator behind Instagram illustration project Dailydoodlegram.

For the past five years, Geffen has posted illustrations to her page, all of which have been inspired by what she comes across on Instagram on a daily basis, from abstracts to illustrations of people, animals and nature.

“Every day I go through pictures on my Instagram and choose a few that were taken that day and inspire me,” says Geffen on her website. “I create a new drawing and story based on different elements, pieces and characters from those photos. I am trying to create a drawing that is personal and represents a specific moment and state of mind or experience, like a daily abstract journal.”

Not only has Geffen’s work been showcased at group and solo exhibitions all across the globe, the illustrations are also available as prints and in a limited-edition range of T-shirts.

Below are 10 of our favourites.

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