InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

WORDS Michaela Stehr

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is a new luxury hotel developed by Shimao Group that’s built into the edge of an abandoned quarry in southwestern Shanghai.

National Geographic Channel’s Megastructures series nominated the Sheshan Mountain Range building as one of the architectural wonders of the world, due to the fact that is stretches over 88 metres below ground level. The hotel has two storeys above the quarry’s plateau and 16 below, with two floors underwater.

Each of the 336 rooms was individually designed, drawing inspiration from the unusual landscape, while retaining a sophisticated and luxurious edge. The rooms boast amazing views of a cascading waterfall and jagged mountainside cliffs.

At water level, the landing deck for the rooms houses an outdoor terrace and living room, while underwater bedrooms are enveloped in aquariums of fish.

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