Kirsten Sims’ Solo Show: Saturn Returns

IMAGES courtesy of Salon Ninety One

Kirsten’s playful signature figures are back alongside contemplative landscapes in this third solo exhibition.

The title of the exhibition refers to the time it takes the planet Saturn (29,5 years) to orbit the sun and return to the place in the sky that it occupied at the time of one’s birth. It marks an astrological period that occurs in a person’s late twenties as they move into full adulthood in their thirties; a period that Kirsten, who turns 30 this year, is experiencing herself.

Symbolically, it characterises a progression in Kirsten’s art and process. This time of transition and self-reflection is expressed in larger artworks and a confidence to test new techniques and colours.

Whether it’s natural landscapes barren of human activity or a lively composition brimming with quirky characters, whether the locations are familiar (Sea Point pool, for example) or imagined, Kirsten’s unique ability to capture a moment in time makes every piece feel personal and relatable.

Saturn Returns will be on exhibition at Salon Ninety One, 91 Kloof Street, Cape Town from 21 June to 27 July 2017.