Laura Windvogel’s Ceramic Collection

Cape Town-based artist Laura Windvogel, who works under the moniker Lady Skollie, has become known to those with their ear to the ground as that artist who boldly tackles issues to do with the body and sexuality, head on.

Although she works primarily through the medium of watercolour paintings, she also spreads her message beyond the familiar art mediums. There’s her Lady Skollie tumblr, her quarterly sex-themed parties, her weekly sex talk show on Assembly online radio (Kiss & Tell with Lady Skollie), or her sex ‘zine, Kaapstad Kinsey.

Her latest work, a series of hand-painted ceramic plates, continues this sexual artistic exploration. “I decided to delve into ceramics because buying art is always deemed a luxury,” explains Laura. “But with ceramics you can take that luxury and add a bit of functionality too.”

We are big fans of Laura’s cheeky, yet comfortable exploration of sexuality through art. Most recently, her work has been exhibited as part of a group show at Cape Town’s Stevenson Gallery, at That Art Fair, and at World Art Gallery, where she launched the ceramic range, as well as a selection of new watercolour paintings.

Keep up with Lady Skollie on Instagram. To get your hands on her ceramics, email You can also view her online catalogue here.