Lisa Lloyd’s Paper Creations

WORDS Mary Garner

Lisa Lloyd is an illustrator and freelance designer who creates intricate paper artworks that explore her passion for patterns, symmetry, colour, geometry and texture.

“I love the detail,” says Lisa on her website. “I try to give it a modern twist, taking inspiration from the design world – such as fashion, interiors and graphic design. This fusion of styles has helped me produce paper art of all shapes and sizes for brands, installations and editorials for magazines.”

With 18 years experience in commercial design work, Lisa started her career as an After Effects animator, later co-founding an animation production company in Soho, London called Mr and Mrs Smith.

Browse the gallery above for a closer look at some of her paper creations, including a bumble bee inspired by Victorian entomological drawings and fashion designer Mary Karantzou, and a chameleon made for a mental health support group to illustrate what it’s like to struggle with mental health issues.

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