Lisbon Apartment Refurb by Manuel Tojal

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Francisco Nogueira

Two apartments at different stages of renovation were combined by architect Manuel Tojal to create one contemporary home that boasts a unique layout and a seamless connection to the outdoors. 

Located in Bairro da Lapa, Lisbon, the architectural challenge was to join the two apartments to form one fresh and functional space without losing the original character and charm.

The garden became the social focal point while bedrooms were moved to opposing ends. The interior room features a wooden panel that welcomes natural light into the sleek interior while simultaneously ensuring optimum privacy. The original doors provide a stream of warm light through the library that doubles as an entrance and a connection to the living room.

A statement fireplace acts as an ambient partition between lounge and kitchen and extends into the garden to offer up the ideal summertime cook-out area. The entire apartment opens directly onto the garden through a large window while original materials such as Lioz Marble, stained wood and concrete maintain the original identity of the two apartments.

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