Live Your Best Beach Life With These 12 Towels


The sun is out! It’s time to invest in a new beach towel so you can hit the beach in style all summer long. These classy options are worth a look.

1. Handwoven Turkish Towel Kelebek R590, The Cotton Company

2. Itawuli Towel R655, Mungo

3. Antigua Beach Towel R299, Superbalist

4. Striped Beach Towel R229, H&M

5. Paradiso Stripe Beach Towel R430, Woolworths

6. Clinton Friedman Garden Party Beach Towel R970, Knus

7. Laguna Hammam Towel R350, Hertex Haus

8. Stone Beach Towel R540, Summah

9. Fouta Chevron Towel R275, Weylandts

10. Aruba Beach Towel R299, Superbalist

11. Spaggia Grande Beach Towel R540, Summah

12. Turkish Cotton Towel Kelim R420, The Cotton Company