Minima | Maxima By Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY

WORDS Mary Garner

The Minima | Maxima By Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY is a four-storey organic 13.1 m structure made from material that’s as thin as a coin. The core material is made up of 2 mm strips of aluminum.

THEVERYMANY is known for innovative fusion of computational design and architecture to build organic self-supporting structures. This new piece was commissioned by World Expo 2017 and it stands in Astana, Kazakhstan.

They incorporated their ‘Structural Stripes’ invention into this piece: A signature material system for building self-supporting curvilinear structures. It’s a step in a direction that offers even more structural potential – multi-ply composite. Three layers of flat stripes — white and white sandwiching pink — are constructed in tandem, supporting one another as they assume curvature and gain height. One layer doesn’t exist independently, but contributes to and benefits from the unified whole as it is built.

The system is also mechanically bonded, allowing for recomposition and corrections during construction.