Mobitecture: Architecture on the Move


EXTRACT FROM Mobitecture: Architecture on the Move by Rebecca Roke, 2017 (Phaidon Press Ltd)

From the bedouin tents of North Africa to the airstream trailers made in America, mobile architecture is a phenomenon that reaches across time and geography.

In her book Mobitecture: Architecture on the Move, Rebecca Roke showcases a vast array of mind-blowing mobile architectural forms, including these four examples.


Designed by: Cornelius Comanns, Germany, 2010

Image credit: Cornelius Comanns

A sturdy companion for solo journeys, this little camper is able to meet all of an individual’s basic needs. Based on the three-wheeled Italian Piaggio Ape 50 van, this design is equally fuel-efficient and comparably robust.

Materials: Steel chassis, plaster board, plastic, aluminium and plexiglas.


Designed by: Carlos No, Portugal, 2012

Image credit: Susana Dinis

Dismayed at the inequitable nature of shantytown dwellings, Carlos No draws attention with this work to the impoverished, unstable homes that are usually built from scrap materials by the poorest of the poor.

Materials: Moto-tricycle, timber, PVC, glass and nylon.

Antiroom II

Designed by: Elena Chiavi, Ahmad El Mad, Matteo Goldoni, Malta, 2015

Image credit: Ahmad Elmad

The result of a 2015 European Architecture Students Assembly workshop led by Elena Chiavi, Ahmad El Mad and Matteo Goldoni, Antiroom II is a man-made island accessible only by boat or by swimming from the shore.

Materials: Wood panels and mesh curtains.

Walden Raft

Designed by: Elise Morin, Florent Albinet, France, 2015

Image credit: Raymonde Dapzol

Referencing Henry David Thoreau’s 19th-century treatise on life in the woods, the Walden Raft in France has a similar environmental intent. Floating on a lake in a secluded region of the Auvergne, the raft follows the proportions of Thoreau’s Walden cabin.

Materials: Pine, acrylic glass, polyethylene floats and rope.

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