Mungo’s South Kikoi

WORDS Amelia Brown

Mungo gives us a taste of summer with a beautiful photo shoot of the vibrant, locally woven South Kikoi, which is now available in 11 colourways.

The word kikoi (or “kikoy”) comes from the Swahili for “wrap” or “something to wrap around you”. Beloved by travellers and beachgoers, the wrap-towel-shawl-sarong-and-more originated on the East Coast of Africa.

Mungo “Tanzani” South Kikoi.

Mungo’s bright, colourful, Instagram-worthy summer essential has always been in high demand. To facilitate more colours and greater volume, Mungo has moved production of its kikoi range from its 70-year-old Ruti looms to its slightly younger Dornier machines.

Go on a virtual tour of the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay here and shop the South Kikoi and more here.