New From Woodbender: The Boden Chair

WORDS Mary Garner

Following on from the launch of the Cala and Captain’s Vogue chairs, local bentwood furniture specialists Woodbender have now launched the tub-style Boden chair.

The Boden is made from solid Ash wood sourced from certified and sustainably managed forests in North America.

“Its stylishly sloped arms means it can easily be pulled under the table, allowing guests to sit comfortably close,” says Woodbender’s R&D Manager Grant Longmore. “Or, they can just as easily use them to push away from the table after a meal. This, together with the chair’s wonderfully soft seat, make the Boden an excellent choice for languid lunches and long, leisurely dinners.”

The Boden can be ordered in 15 timber finishes and can be upholstered in a fabric of your choice.

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