New MONN Rugs

WORDS Mary Garner

Local rug manufacturer MONN has added four new rugs to its collection of premium quality woven carpets, as seen at 100% Design South Africa.

The new additions, namely Mateo, Imfi, Carina and Verona, were created by MONN’s design team.

Mateo is a formal design with a contemporary twist, set on a dark background with soft grey gradients and subtle copper-toned borders, while the Imfi rug has subtle blue-greys and the earth tones of African seeds called Imfibinga.

The Carina features a sharply delineated argyle and star design, while the Verona has a cobbled street-style zigzag pattern finished with delicate acanthus leaf borders.

MONN has an in-house yarn dyeing plant that offers customers the opportunity to select up to eight colours from a spectrum of more than 600 standard hues, or the ability to perfectly match a custom hue to suit your decor scheme. MONN prioritises the use of premium raw materials and makes use of the latest in textile technology to manufacture its 80% wool, 20% nylon pile surface rugs.

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