NM Design’s Furniture Collection

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring

A Matter of Time is the latest furniture, decor and art collection by designer Nelia Malherbe and her interior studio NM Design.

When Nelia struggled to find furniture she really loved, she decided it was time to design her own. Going in, she knew she wanted the bespoke NM Design range to be about simplistic beauty and quality craftsmanship, with timelessness at its core. “Each piece is handcrafted,” she says, “displaying the quality of the material and craftsmanship, creating focus around texture and showcasing the significance of every detail.”

With a belief that furniture is losing its value and personality in a world where manufacturers are on the lookout for faster and cheaper ways to create products, Nelia wanted to showcase traditional manufacturing methods and materials in her designs. “Have you noticed the longevity of an antique furniture piece? The craftsmanship is part of this quality and longevity. That is what I want to bring back,” she says.

Each of the designs has been given an Afrikaans name, a detail that is important to Nelia. “My mother tongue is Afrikaans and I am very proud of my beautiful language,” she says. “I want to honour words that are disappearing in today’s society.” Collaborating with her sister, artist Xenia Venter, Nelia aims to incorporate their furniture and art into all NM Design’s future interior projects, with a focus on keeping things timeless.

For more information, visit nmdesign.co.za.