Paper Art: Catfriendo

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring

The world of paper art seems to be getting bigger and better every day. Just a look at some of the creations we’ve found online recently says it all, from Aurelie Cerise and Pippa Dyrlaga to Yulia Brodskaya and Patrick Cabral.

Canada-based Samantha Heidinger’s delicate works of art, which were recently featured on Instagram’s blog, can take days to create. ““Earlier this year,” she says, “I did a 9-inch by 9-inch [23-centimeter by 23-centimeter] piece that clocked in at seven straight hours of cutting!”

Inspired by Kaiju films, animals, natural science and vintage objects and imagery, Samantha describes the work of her studio Catfriendo Enterprises as light and whimsical paper lace.

Each one of Catfriendo’s one-of-a-kind pieces are hand-cut and available via Etsy.

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