Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel


Designed by Andrea Spada and Michele Corbani of ILMIO.DESIGN, the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, located in sunny San Antonio Bay in Ibiza, is a retro, art-filled hotel, popping with bright colours, Wes Anderson-esque decor and a seriously luxurious poolside area.

Here, the hotel’s Marketing Manager, Marta Gimeno, shares with VISI the vision behind the mesmerising interiors.

Where did you source the furniture pieces from and who designed them?

Some pieces are bought in, like the outdoor furniture from Spanish brand iSiMAR, while others were designed by us. We also tried to customise all the pieces, making them exclusive to our project. We are industrial designers, so we loved having the opportunity to create most of the pieces ourselves.

How did you settle on a design theme?

The inspiration for the bespoke pieces was born when we started the project. We thought in Archizoom [a renowned Italian architecture firm started in the ’60s] style and from there we started to develop shapes and colours that fit.

What do you keep in mind when sourcing art for the hotel?

We design the rooms and spaces first before selecting art, keeping in mind that art in this hotel has to be colourful, fresh and full of energy.

How did you go about choosing the flooring?

All the floors of the hotel, as well as the bottom of the swimming pool, feature mosaic tiles. We developed custom colours with tile brand Vitrogres. In the rooms, we make use of carpet tiles in three different colour combinations, namely yellow, turquoise and pink. Carpet tiles were the perfect choice in a Miami-style Art Deco concept hotel.

What part do botanicals play in the decor scheme and why did you land on cacti?

The idea of the cacti was born simply by walking around the location. We saw lots of cacti in a chalet close to the hotel and thought it would be perfect. They look great, are inexpensive and are easy to maintain. We use wooden artisanal vases to house them, which contrasts nicely with the rest of the hotel’s shapes, colours and materials.

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