Picks of the Week

A “Big Brother” inspired bird nest, little mushroom chairs, a collaboration between a top fashion magazine and bottled water and a Scandi-inspired night light are just some of the VISI team’s top picks this week.

1. Bitangra Halo Chair

The latest chair from Bitangra Furniture Design, made of glass fiber, acrylic glass and velvet, is inspired by the work of British industrial designer Ross Lovegrove. “It can work as a dining chair or a single statement piece,” says online editor Lindi Brownell Meiring.

Image credit: bitangra.com

2. Birdwatcher by Porky Hefer and Warren Lewis

Designer Porky Hefer is perhaps best known for his human-sized nests, which are on display in the Company’s Garden in Cape Town and recently at an art gallery in New York. Here’s another work of his that makes copy editor Kay-Ann van Rooyen smile: a birdhouse disguised as a video surveillance camera. It’s titled Birdwatcher – and Warren Lewis is the co-designer.

Image credit: animal-farm.co.za

3. Shitake Chairs

“I love these cute and colourful little shitake mushroom chairs by Marcel Wanders for Moroso!” exclaims features editor Tracy Greenwood.

Image credit: marcelwanders.com

4. VOGUE and San Pellegrino Collaboration

Editor-in-chief Sumien Brink thinks this collaboration is super stylish.

Image credit: Supplied

5. Abre Lamp by Carlos Jiménez

“Abre means open in Spanish, and that is exactly how you turn on this nifty little Scandi-inspired lamp,’ says content producer Michaela Stehr.


Image credit: design-milk.com

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