Picks of the Week

picks of the week

From a statement spiral staircase to an architectural see-saw installation and lamps inspired by hats, these are the VISI team’s top picks of the week.

1. Spiral Staircase by Williamson Williamson

“A spiral staircase can really make a statement in a space,” says Online Editor Lindi Brownell Meiring. “Designed by Williamson Williamson, this wood-clad example is such a beautiful addition to this home in Canada, fitting in naturally with the rest of the house.”

Image credit: Ben Rahn / A-Frame Inc via Archdaily.com

2. Modern Cat Scratchers by WISKI

“As a certified cat lady and self-professed cat expert,” says Features Editor Amelia Brown, “I can confidently say that I think this ticks all the feline-friendly boxes (and we know how cats love boxes): a cosy, safe shelter with an ample surveillance window, and a good felt-textured exterior for stretching and scratching. Plus, as carpeted cat scratch posts go, it’s easy on the eye, minimalist and chic.”

Image credit: design-milk.com

3. MVRDV’s SeaSaw

“Dutch architectural firm MVRDV has designed a see-saw-like art installation that allows people to move up and down from the city to the sea,” says Managing Editor Samantha Charles. “So clever!”

Image credit: bustler.net

4. Atelier SAD and Mmcité1’s Pinecone Pavilion

“Czech designers Atelier SAD and Mmcité1 have designed a mobile pinecone-shaped gazebo that’s covered in plywood scales,” says Art Director Anton Pietersen. “I like the fact that the structure can be moved around as needed.”

Image credit: dezeen.com

5. BuzziHat Lamps

“These hat-inspired pendant lights, made from a combination of metal and upholstered foam, are designed to absorb sound,” says Content Producer Mary Garner.

Image credit: buzzi.space