Pop Paint

WORDS Mary Garner

This Durban-based furniture and decor paint brand’s colourful range features 15 hi-matt-finish paints that are non-drip, fast-drying and require no primer.

The pigments chosen for Pop Paint’s colours give them the efficacy and vibrancy expected from a high quality paint. It’s water-based, free from lead and heavy metals and is simple to apply, as the surface requires little preparation. This high-cover polymer paint is suitable for nearly anything in need of a fresh coat.

The brand also offers a hard-wearing and water-resistant finish called Pop Décor Wax, which provides an all clear protective layer that seals the paint for a professional finish.

Pop Paint is available in 500 ml and 290 ml jars, as well as a handy 25ml jar for experimenting on smaller items.

For more information, visit poppaint.com, or follow Pop Paint on Facebook and Instagram.